Lizard Fights Snake Who Has Captured Its Baby To Eat Frightening Video Goes Viral

A snake has captured a baby lizard and has coiled itself tightly over its prey.

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Frightening Video Of Lizard Fighting Snake

Snake vs Lizard: Life is about survival. The one who is strong hunts the weak one and so on. It all depends on individual tendencies and the laws of nature. In this reference, snakes are placed on a much higher pedestal than many other mammals, birds, and insects. Snakes across different species are very good hunters. Right from the venomous and non-venomous to the burly pythons, they have their own skills and styles.

The viral video that we are sharing with you shows a compound in which a snake has captured a baby lizard and has coiled itself tightly over its prey. Meanwhile, the mother lizard, who is stuck to a wall, fights the snake to save its young one. She bites the snake on her face but it doesn’t help. Ultimately, it seems that all is over for the young lizard.


The video does look disturbing and creepy but that is how the law of nature works. This video also shows the maternal instincts of a reptile that looks like deadly, poisonous creatures without any typical feelings.

The video has received a mixed response in the form of comments. Sharing a few comments with you.

dherrera175, “Instead of recording goo help!!! “

ismelitoooo, “Stop filming and help the poor animal bunch of cry babies honestly. Let nature run its course!”

Njabulomashiyamahle, “I will never stay a day in some places”

forbiyannick, “If this reptile did not exist, the world would have been better. I hate with all my existence”

ashfaq_ahmed_rahat, “OMG, he tries to save his partner”

savvynine, “How did you and your homie get jumped by one snake? ♂️”

pattycake050, “help the animal instead of taking a video that’s why there are people like you that don’t care and karma will get you…”

Published Date: March 18, 2023 4:50 PM IST

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