Saanvi Malu Claims Potent Evidence to Prove Her Husband Killed The Actor

Satish Kaushik’s death case latest update: Saanvi Malu, who has claimed that her husband Vikas Malu killed the actor in Delhi, now says she has ‘potent evidence’ to prove her claims. Read on.

Satish Kaushik's Death Case Update Saanvi Malu Claims 'Potent Evidence' to Prove Her Husband Killed The Actor
Satish Kaushik’s Death Case Update Saanvi Malu Claims ‘Potent Evidence’ to Prove Her Husband Killed The Actor

Satish Kaushik’s Death Case Latest Update: Satish Kaushik died last week in Delhi after suffering a heart attack. However, a woman, the wife of businessman Vikas Malu, has claimed that it was a planned murder by her husband and not a natural death. Delhi police have been investigating these allegations but nothing concrete has come out yet. Now, in a new statement, Saanvi’s lawyer has claimed that she has evidence to prove her husband killed the veteran actor.


Satish Kaushik, who was 66 when he took his last breath, felt some uneasiness in his chest and asked his manager to take him to the hospital. He died in his car and was brought dead at a hospital in Gurugram after which a postmortem report confirmed that he died due to a heart attack. Speaking to ETimes about Saanvi’s claims and also the reports of her not cooperating with Delhi police, her lawyer Rajendra Chhabra said, “Yesterday afternoon, a team of Delhi Police consisting of an ACP and two senior inspectors sat down with Saanvi Malu for questioning. There’s never smoke without fire.”

He added that Saanvi is cooperating with the police and had only objected to the investigating officer who was a tainted officer. Chhabra said now that the IO has been changed, Saanvi has been providing full cooperation in the probe into Satish Kaushik’s death. Asserting that his client is in possession of some evidence that would prove Kaushik was killed by her husband.


He said, “First of all, they had appointed a tainted officer Vijay Singh to conduct an inquiry which was carried out yesterday with the family of Saanvi Malu. He is the same inspector who has previously botched up and fouled investigations. So, immediately, he was changed. Now Saanvi is in possession of some potent evidence, which she is willing to hand over to the inquiry team.”

Kaushik’s family has denied any possibility of foul play in his death and that Vikas and he didn’t have business connections. However, the lawyer claimed that Saanvi even has the evidence to prove that they were business partners. “They were saying that there are no business connections between Satish Kaushik and Vikas Malu. But Saanvi has all the evidence, which clearly establishes that they were having business connections. She has pointed out that she was the first-degree witness to the exchange between her husband and Satish Kaushik. We can’t just talk about the reliability of the statement.” He insisted on Delhi Police conducting a fair investigation in the case while signing off.

Satish Kaushik, a renowned face in the Indian film industry, was loved for his penchant for comedy and direction. He died in the wee hours of Thurs, March 9.

Published Date: March 15, 2023 9:14 AM IST

Updated Date: March 15, 2023 9:17 AM IST

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