Snake And Mongoose Get Into Bloody Fight Snake Wounds Mongoose To Death Watch Viral Video

Mongoose might be a better fighter but it cannot win every time.

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The snake gives a tough fight to the mongoose.

Saanp Aur Nevle Ki Ladai: The mere mention of a snake is enough to scare us. And there are many reasons for that. Snakes are poisonous and dangerous and one bite is enough to give you an extremely painful and agonizing death. But there is someone whom the snake is afraid of. And you must have guessed by now that it is the mongoose who is capable of not only fighting but also defeating the snake.

There is a viral video showing a deadly fight between a mongoose and a big dangerous cobra snake. The mongoose grabs the cobra by its neck and bites it strongly. The cobra snake fights back and attacks the mongoose by biting it. Both get into a bloody fight and after some time, the snake wounds the mongoose very badly.


Many times it is the mongoose that emerges victorious by killing the snake using its sharp teeth and very quick movements. But there are always exceptions and this is one of them.

Published Date: March 15, 2023 2:21 PM IST

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