Viral Bride Video: Woman in Rajasthan Receives Wedding Gift Worth Over Rs 3 Crore, Netizens Ask Aise Kaise Chalega

Video of a Rajasthani bride receiving gift worth over Rs 3 Crore during pre-wedding rituals goes viral on social media – Watch

Viral video
Viral Bride Video: Woman in Rajasthan Receives Wedding Gift Worth Over Rs 3 Crore, Netizens Ask ‘Aise Kaise Chalega’ – Watch

Viral Bride Video: Social media is awash with footage and images of three maternal uncles giving their niece wedding presents in Rajasthan’s Nagaur district that totals more than Rs 3 crore. The bride’s maternal grandfather and uncles reached the venue carrying Rs 80 lakh cash, jewellery, plot papers, and a tractor for ‘mamera‘ or ‘mayra,’ a traditional ritual where the maternal uncle of the bride or groom carries gifts for his niece or nephew in their marriage. Everyone attending the customary ritual was taken aback by the whopping amount.

The video was shared by a Rajasthan reporter on his Twitter handle. The caption on the viral video read (translated), “Then how did Myra get separated from dowry? Only the way of giving is looking different.”


Ghevari Devi and Bhanwarlal Potaliya’s daughter Anushka tied the nuptial knot on Wednesday. Bride’s maternal grandparents Bhanwarlal Garwa from Burdi presented the gifts along with his three sons, Harendra, Rameshwar, and Rajendra. Bhanwarlal said Ghevari is the only daughter in the family and due to her luck, his three sons have got so much wealth.

The viral video has over 3K views and several comments against the practice. Many users called out the ritual and termed it dowry. One of the users also wrote, “As per convenience.” Another user asked, ”Aise kese chalega?” Several users urged to stop such practices in the name of rituals. What are your thoughts on this viral video from Nagaur, Rajasthan?

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Published Date: March 16, 2023 8:19 PM IST

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