Viral Food Video: Man Makes Chowmein Omelet, Desi Foodies Say Horror

Delhi street food vendor prepared chowmein omelet in the viral food video and the internet is not at all impressed – Watch viral food video!

Chowmein omelet viral food video
Viral Food Video: Man Makes Chowmein Omelet, Desi Foodies Say ‘Horror’ – Watch

Viral Food Video: The internet is filled with viral food videos like a chocolate omelet, oreo Maggi, matka dosa with cheese and mayonnaise, and countless other bizarre recipes. Over the years, street food has undergone several transformations. Street food vendors go to the extent to create the most unusual food combinations. Recently, a Delhi street food vendor prepared ‘chowmein omelette,’ and served it hot with coriander on top. In the viral food video, the man made the bizarre combination by preparing the omelet batter. He poured the batter made with eggs, vegetables, and secret masala into the pan. He then went ahead and added the chowmein to the batter along with tomatoes, eggs, and Masala. Once the other side was cooked, he repeated the same and served it hot with coriander. The viral food video of chowmein Omelet was shared by food blogger Rajat Upadhyay on Instagram. The caption on the viral food video read, “Sikandar bhai ki Omelette wali Chaumeen.”


The viral food video was also shared on other social media sites. Desi foodies were not impressed with the bizarre fusion of chowmein omelet. One of the users wrote, “hmmm now i know where stomach ulcers came from.” Another user wrote, “I can’t take it anymore, my stomach is too weak, mercy Lord 😷 🤣 🤣.” Many users termed it ‘Horror’ in the comment section. Many users also found the street vendor’s cooking style very unhygienic and wrote, “Wash your god damn hands!! Disgusting 🤢.” Desi foodies dropped crying and disgusted emojis in the comment section of the viral video. The viral food video of chowmein omelet has over 28K views, over 1.1K likes, and 28 comments.

Would you try the most bizarre chowmein omelet fusion ever?

Published Date: March 19, 2023 8:41 AM IST

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