Viral Food Video: Man Makes Ice Cream Roll With Chai And Chocolate Sauce, Desis Go Chiiii

Ice cream made with chai and chocolate sauce is the latest trend that desis disapprove of – Watch viral food video!

Chai Ice Cream Roll viral food video
Viral Food Video: Man Makes Ice Cream Roll With Chai And Chocolate Sauce, Desis Go ‘Chiiii’ – WATCH

Viral Food Video: Do you know anyone who doesn’t like ice cream? The cold dessert, which comes in a variety of flavours, never disappoints. We Indians are obsessed with chai and nothing beats the comfort that comes along with it. Did you ever imagine that your favourite drink and dessert would combine into one? A recent viral food video featuring ice cream and tea to make a fusion dessert infuriated the desi foodies. In the viral food video, the ice cream vendor prepared the ice cream roll, but with a chai! The first thing he does is pour a cup of tea on the chilly surface. He then made the ice cream with milk and chocolate sauce. He repeatedly sliced through the frozen pieces to combine the chai and ice cream completely. Once the ice cream had hardened, he rolled it and drizzled the chocolate sauce on top. The caption on the viral food video read, “Chocolate Chai Wali Icecream Roll.”


The food video featuring ice cream and chai went viral in no time. Desi dropped thumbs-down emojis in the comment section. One of the users wrote, “Isi wajah se corona wapis aajata hai baar baar😂😂.” Another user wrote, “Aese Apradh k liye garud puran me alag se saja hai.” The third one wrote, “Band Karo yeh haath jod ke vinti hai.”

The viral food video infuriated tea lovers as they dropped disgust emojis in the comment section. “Hey bhagwan iski farmaish krne wale logo ko nark me garm chai me ubal diya jaye 😂😂,” one of the online users said. Many users went ‘chiii‘ with the bizarre fusion dessert.

The viral food video of a chai-flavoured ice cream roll has 2.8M views, 108K likes and over 550 comments.

Published Date: March 16, 2023 9:23 AM IST

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