Viral Video Monkey Lifts Up Girls Shorts And Kisses Her Thigh Netizens Say Cute

The viral video shows a young woman wearing a t-shirt and shorts squatting on the ground and a monkey is lifting up her shorts.

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Viral Video: Monkey Lifts Up Girl’s Shorts And Kisses Her Thigh, Netizens Say ‘Cute’

Monkey And Woman: Scientists have opined that present-day human beings, the homo sapiens have evolved from monkeys. In fact, there are many theories based on archaeological findings and an extensive study of anthropology that show the different stages of human progress. At present time, we can witness for ourselves the weird similarities between different species of monkeys and human beings.

The viral video that we are sharing with you shows a young woman wearing a t-shirt and shorts squatting on the ground and a monkey is lifting up her shorts, caressing her upper thighs, and then going on to smell it and bite it gently. Not being able to take it anymore, the woman decides to get up.


This video might be termed a naughty one but there is a lot deeper meaning in it. This video in a way presents the desires and actions that are considered to be natural only to humans. If we look closely at the monkey and the woman and view the scenario from an objective and scientific point of view, then we can better understand and comprehend the science behind mutual attraction felt by men and women and the desire to have a partner.

There might be disagreements but the purpose is to learn and increase our knowledge about the topics that are considered to be taboo or offensive.

Published Date: March 18, 2023 3:22 PM IST

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