Who is Saanvi Malu, The Woman Accusing Her Husband Vikas Malu For Killing Satish Kaushik

All you need to know about Saanvi Malu, who accused her husband Vikas Malu for murdering Satish Kaushik.

Who is Saanvi Malu, The Woman Accusing Her Husband Vikas Malu For Killing Satish Kaushik
Who is Saanvi Malu, The Woman Accusing Her Husband Vikas Malu For Killing Satish Kaushik

Saanvi Malu has been making headlines after actor-director Satish Kaushik passed away a day after playing Holi at her husband Vikas Malu‘s farmhouse. Satish had partied a day before his demise and his sudden death had accused Vikas Malu of being involved in Satish’s death.

Satish Kaushik died in the wee hours of March 9 in Delhi after complaining of chest pain. The doctors, in his autopsy report, mentioned that the legendary actor died due to a heart attack as his heart had 95% blockage.

Who is Saanvi Malu?

Saanvi is Kuber Group owner Vikas Malu’s second wife. She recently filed a rape case against her husband, Vikas Malu. By profession, Saanvi is a Delhi-based lifestyle influencer who is known for her social media opinions. She sent a letter to the Delhi Police commissioner accusing her husband Vikas of being involved in actor Satish Kaushik’s death.

According to Sanvi Malu, Vikas, and Satish were old friends and the actor had given Rs 15 crore to Vikas for investment purpose. She claimed in her complaint that Vikas may have killed Satish because he was seeking the money back from him. Speaking to ANI, she said, “I have got a complaint registered in connection with Satish Ji’s death. He had come to my husband’s farmhouse for a party, where his health deteriorated. Some objectionable medicines have also been found from the farmhouse. Satish Ji and my husband had business connections as well. In August 2022, an argument broke out between Satish Ji and my husband, where Satish ji demanded Rs 15 crores that he had earlier given to him. But, my husband said that he will give the money in India.”

Saanvi Mall also confessed that Vikas had planned to arrange blue pills and Russian girls to do away with Satish. “When I later asked from him about the money, my husband said that he borrowed the money from Satish ji, but the money went for loss during the Covid period. My husband was not in the mood to return the money, he even said that he will use blue pills and Russian girls to do away with Satish Kaushik. That’s why I have brought this angle to the police for a fair investigation”, said Saanvi.

Saanvi has said that she has ‘potent evidence’ to prove Satish Kaushik was murdered by Vikas Malu. Saanvi’s lawyer said, “First of all, they had appointed a tainted officer Vijay Singh to conduct an inquiry which was carried out yesterday with the family of Saanvi Malu. He is the same inspector who has previously botched up and fouled investigations. So, immediately, he was changed. Now Saanvi is in possession of some potent evidence, which she is willing to hand over to the inquiry team.”

However, Satish Kaushik’s family has denied any possibility of foul play in his death and that Vikas and he didn’t have business connections. “They were saying that there are no business connections between Satish Kaushik and Vikas Malu. But Saanvi has all the evidence, which clearly establishes that they were having business connections. She has pointed out that she was the first-degree witness to the exchange between her husband and Satish Kaushik. We can’t just talk about the reliability of the statement”, the lawyer said.

Published Date: March 15, 2023 4:11 PM IST

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