Tossing and Turning In Bed? 6 Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Overall Health

Sleep Deprivation: Do you know that a lot happens inside the body when we are asleep? And if the cycle is disturbed, it may take a heavy toll on the body and mind.

Tossing and Turning In Bed? 6 Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Overall Health

Sleep Deprivation: Tossing and turning in bed? If the disturbed sleep cycle is a pattern, then it is a red flag in maintaining a healthy body. A goodnight’s sleep is as important as food, air, but mostly is overlooked. In a culture where people are mostly fighting a racing against time, everyone is busy working hard and also trying to maintain a balanced life and sleep does not really makes priority spot. But, often, in this hustle culture and mundane lifestyle we underestimate the importance of a good sleep cycle. An adult should have atleast seven to eight hours of good sleep in a day for the body to function optimally. Not getting enough sleep drains the bod both physically and mentally. Poor quality slumber can also put your heart, kidney, mental health at risk.

Many of us turn cranky or get irritated easily when we keep turning on bed. And long term health effects due to bad sleep is a real things that one must keep in check.

Daytime Fatigue

If you have a bad sleep, you might feel annoyed, cranky and really exhausted, The physical and mental exhaustion combined leads to daytime fatigue that will hinder your daily work. he body function will become slow and lethargy will creep in.

Irritability and Mood Changes

Sleep deprivation can also effect the mental health badly. One can get prone to mood swings and also compromises decision making capability. It also interferes with creative thinking.

Weight Gain

While sleeping, the body is also responsible for producing leptin and ghrelin that control the appetite. Leptin controls the appetite while ghrelin makes you crave food. Lack of sleep can be a reason why many people have midnight food urges. Sleep deprivation stimulates ghrelin which can further lead to weight gain and obesity.

Thinking and Concentration Issues

Slumber is important for the functioning of the central nervous system. Sleep deprivation can exhaust the brain resulting in dull functioning. One can have difficult time concentrating. Signal sent to brain and body can be delayed leading to sluggishness.

Immunity Goes For a Toss

While sleeping, the body produces antibodies, a substance to combat foreign invaders like bacteria and virus. But if you don’t get enough sleep till along time, it can weaken the immune system and put you at risk of heart conditions or diabetes.

Bad Sleep Bad Digestion

While sleeping the the process of digestion is in fifth gear. Sleep helps in smoother digestion and repairs all wear and tear in the body. On the contrary, lack of sleep may increase inflammation near gut lining, cause hormonal disturbances, constipation and other gastrointestinal issues.

A lot takes place inside the body when one is asleep. Our body needs that time to rest. Therefore, it is better to push up good sleep in the priority sleep and reduce any risk for our overall health.

Published Date: March 12, 2023 3:40 PM IST

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