6 Warning Signs To Look Out For In Young Females

Ovarian Cancer: Signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer can often be overlooked and be confused as these may overlap with other health conditions too.

Ovarian Cancer: 6 Warning Signs To Look Out For In Young Females

Ovarian Cancer: In the contemporary lifestyle, it appears that there is a rise in diseases and health conditions that people getting affected with. While there is evolution of, medical science, there also needs to be awareness about the certain things to keep our selves safe than being sorry. In females, ovarian cancer is one such health problem. There is no particular reason how and why a lump or tumor can develop inside the body but several. It is more common in women post menopause but that does not take the light away from maintaining a good health in young females. Symptoms of ovarian cancer can be an oversight. These silently effect the body and are often diagnose at later stages. This makes it all the more important to stay aware about ones own body. Several early signs of ovarian cancer may overlap with other common conditions making it a silent killer for women.

Ovarian Cancer: Signs To Watch Out For

  1. Bloating: During period cycle, women often feel bloated after consuming certain foods. But, if the bloating lingers on for a longer time, to might be a sign for ovarian cancer. Bloating is mostly the fluid build up in the abdomen.
  2. Pain Abdomen or Pelvic area: One of the most commonly reported symptoms among people with ovarian cancer is pain in their abdomen and pelvis. From feeling intense pressure to cramp like pain, it can differ to person to person. The tumor size can put pressure on other body parts like spine, bowels, bladder.
  3. Frequent Urination: Change in bathroom habits is also a symptom of ovarian cancer. The sense of urgency to urinate at increased rate is one of it. Apart from frequent urination
  4. Back Pain: Are you have long and lingering back pain that is not caused by any injury or any other reason? Then, it could be a sign of it ovarian cancer. It is best to consult a medical professional.
  5. Change In Appetite: People may also experience, loss of appetite, suffer from indigestion, nausea or vomiting.
  6. Menstrual changes: Heavy bleeding, irregular periods, spotting bleeding when not on period can be other few signs of ovarian cancer. In fact, research has found that a change from a regular to an irregular menstrual cycle can be a risk factor for ovarian cancer.

Ladies and ladies, it is important to look out for yourselves. Do not overlook any signs or symptoms and be aware of your body health requirements.

Published Date: March 15, 2023 3:57 PM IST

Updated Date: March 15, 2023 3:57 PM IST

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